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Buying your stool : note the brand, model and seat size

We all know, riding is a sport that requires special equipment. So when you decide to go buy it, it's important to take every precaution to not go wrong. There is no universal equipment, we mean by that equipment that will suit everyone. It is very important to know the size that the person used to use and to take the same thing. We guarantee that if you do not do it, whether for yourself or for another person, you will not feel comfortable on the horse. It is true that when it comes to items that require that we scrupulously respect the size, they often come back expensive. However, we would like to inform you right now that you will hardly have this problem. If we can advance this affirmation without doubt, it is because we too, we propose saddles in various sizes. And as we are used to saying, it is not because what we propose is secondhand that you will not have quality for your activity.

For saddles, it's important to choose the right size.

On the contrary, we are really rigorous about the quality of our products. Moreover, if we happen to notice that one of our used saddle is losing its quality, we will just get out of the shelves and no longer offer it. We know very well that when you go to one of our stores, it is to have the chance to find used saddles at affordable prices but also of good quality. We can even guarantee that the used saddles for sale will keep you going for many years. So, you only have one thing left to do. Come to the store or go to our website to choose the used saddle you will buy. Of course, make sure you know the size you need.


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