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A riding saddle may be a supportive structure made out of leather that's fastened to the horse's back to support the rider. Modern saddles are available during a sort of styles and designs; they require a careful fit both the rider and therefore the horse. With proper care, saddles are often used for many years. Find out how much this may cost you and what to seem for when purchasing a saddle.


Saddles home in price from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. Reputable saddle companies sell standard saddles during a sort of styles, fits, and specifications. These companies typically don't sell custom saddles; you'll got to purchase what's available from their inventory. Off-the-rack styles are often priced within the many dollars. New saddles are often found for fewer than $500, but they're often poor quality, especially the leather and fittings. Custom-made saddles are costlier and may sell for thousands of dollars, counting on the planning and details of the saddle.

What to seem for When Purchasing

While many companies do have websites and sell saddles online, it's recommended that a saddle expert helps to work out proper sizing. For comfort, safety, and sturdiness, you’ll want to shop for the simplest you'll afford. Don’t be fooled, especially on Western saddles, by ornate carving and fancy silver accents. Very expensive show saddles have real silver fittings and tooling done by craftsmen. Cheap nickel fittings and leather with machine stamped designs can distract from a poor-quality saddle. Good-quality saddles are made up of fine grain leather.

Custom-Made Saddles

Custom saddles are made by professional used french saddlesmakers. These craftsmen take casts of you and your horse to make sure that the fit of your saddle are going to be as exact as possible and to your specifications. Custom saddles are priced within the thousands of dollars. If you've got a difficult saddle to suit on your horse or are a significant equestrian, a custom-made saddle could also be well worth the investment.

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