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Which saddle for a horse in a farm ?

The choice of a saddle is very important because it conditions your pleasure to practice riding, if a saddle does not suit you, you will not be comfortable. When you are making your purchase, you will need to consider different factors.

Why shock absorbers for the saddle?

The percentage of horses fitted with shock absorbers is not known, but at first sight, it is very important. A shock absorber is made to help the saddle accomplish its mission. It serves to distribute the pressures generated by the rider in a homogeneous way and to balance the rider. Most riders put a damper in the very laudable intention of relieving the backs of their horses. There are several possible answers, to compensate for my saddle which is not perfect, because I have a saddle for several horses, to cushion shocks and relieve his back and finally to make good weather. A horse working on the farm needs a buffer. The western saddle has three types, one that is made for the rodeo, to pull the cattle and finally for the hikes in the field.

You have several horses in the field

There is no problem if your horses have a similar back, a standard fine used saddle will be better. You have some round and very thin ass and you will have trouble finding a multipurpose saddle. First and foremost, choose a reliable interlocutor that will give you a better information. With an American western saddle maker, this should distinguish between industrial production and artisanal production. In the first case, you have availability and choice, but the quality of manufacture may not be constant because several people of different skills are involved in the production of a model. It's hard to buy a saddle without seeing or touching this important tool. The description of articles is often sketchy.

Often, it is the price that is put forward. Prefer a seller who gives you the advice and details requested.

Mountain horses

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