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What saddles are adapted for jumping ?

Choosing a saddle is an important step for the rider and his horse. It is an important choice that depends on many criteria. It is important to choose a saddle according to the discipline practiced, the morphology of the horse, the size and weight of the rider but also his budget. So what about saddles for jumping? Come see the used jumping saddles for sale!

Saddles for jumping

An obstacle saddle has a semi-hollow seat, usually light cleats in the front to block the rider's knees during a refusal or a flying reception. They also have small cleats on the back to prevent the calf from playing at the Bosty in case of very strong jump.

You can answer yes to the original question if you can say that "the saddle for my horse must allow me to chain mountains.

Horses jump obstacles by nature, but everything changes when ridden by a rider. In a show jumping, the complicity between the two must be perfect and the absolute concentration, because a great effort is needed in a short period of time: intensity, agility and control are indeed fundamental to complete the course without penalties.

The saddle also plays a fundamental role: all jumping saddles at Equitack have been designed to achieve maximum performance while ensuring absolute well-being and allowing freedom of movement on the horse's shoulders. The front and rear cleats, on the other hand, are designed to allow the rider to maintain a balanced and safe position, while the choice to use the calfskin is the guarantee of a good grip to stay in position.

So, most recreational riders will opt for this option, you only need one saddle, but if you participate regularly in competitions, you may be more in search of a saddle specific to a discipline for give you the support and security you need.

Mountain horses

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