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Measure the spa water parameters properly

To ensure the longevity of your spa, you should always keep an eye on the parameters of the water that fills it. Indeed, such as in a swimming pool, the ban water in a spa must also remain there for a few months, depending on the frequency of its use and the number of people who use it. The tropicspas never tires of recommending it, the water parameters of the ban must be monitored almost constantly.

What are the parameters to watch?

The balance of spa water is equivalent to the presence of identical amounts of its minerals. The monitoring of this balance is based in particular on that of the pH, the TAC and the safety of the water. The pH should be in the range of 7.2 to 7.6. As for the complete alkalimetric strength, it indicates that this pH is fairly stable. This coefficient should range from 8 to 10 ° f. Indeed, if this coefficient leaves this range of values, the disinfectant products lose their effectiveness. The hydrometric titer is what determines whether the eu is hard or soft. It should be noted, however, that water of high hardness becomes cloudy more quickly. And that the corrosivity increases proportionally with the softness of this water. Hardness is the cause of scaling in the hydraulic system. If one of these parameters is not balanced, the quality of the water deteriorates quickly and the scaling of the elements of this spa increases in proportion to this imbalance.

How to monitor the balance of spa parameters?

To monitor the balance of spa parameters, a weekly check should be performed. This check will focus on detecting any imbalances and the presence of bacteria. The results of this check will determine the usefulness or otherwise of adjusting the water balance of the spa in question. To verify these parameters, chemical reagent tests can be performed using chemical test kits. A variation in coloration should be interpreted on a scale which is supplied with the test. Electronic testing tools are more efficient.

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